I see everything I just act blind

past & present lovers

I made you smile when you said you wouldn’t, always remember that.

Your girl just want you to make her fall in love all over again.

I’d stay an eternity for you for you for you for you I’d stayyyy

Girl your stare, those eyes
Your lips, your smile
Your hips, those thighs
I can’t, deny I love it when I’m with you baby

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Make me chase you to long baby I’ll be tired once I catch you

I like being with you I can be myself. I don’t give a shit about anyone.

Home is wherever I’m with you

Even a rose has to go thru some dirt before blooming.

If you don’t want me now don’t miss me later

You did things for me I wouldn’t believe you did. That’s why I always wanna keep you here.

She says my 5 o’clock shadow makes her wet 24/7

Good love doesn’t quit on you… And they are willing to fight for as long as they have to in order to prove that true